Hello there! My name is Jason Nickel and I am a Frontend-Developer based in Bonn, Germany. Born 1985 in the Land of Guns and Freedom but thankfully we moved to Germany early on, so Europe is and always has been my home.

Currently I help build software for integrated systems, like in the computers you see in spy films and such with those fancy graphs and diagrams. React and Typescript are my tools of trade but I am also getting into Swift so you will hopefully see a few Apps of mine on the App Store soon. I have a Github but not a lot is happening there unfortunately. I wish someone would just pay me a years worth of salary and let me build what I want.

Yes I am aware this site is not built in React. I actually did not put any code work into it at all. I just wanted it to look nice, have my pages and blogposts be Markdown files and autodeploy to Netlify. This is pretty fancy I think. Maybe at some point I will do more around here but I am happy this thing is easy to use and has a blog.

I am also a fan of good and bad movies, as you can see on my Letterboxd profile. You can often trick me into liking your movie if it has great cinematography and I do also love me a quirky indie flick from time to time.

I like playing games, though I used to be much more into that. More hobbies, friends and stuff kept piling up and gaming kinda fell out of fashion a little. When I do, it’s mostly puzzles, automation, micromanagement or the occasional blockbuster action adventure on the Playstation.

I also have a dog. His name is Benny. He sleeps, eats and poops.

Hit me up on Twitter if you’re a single woma.. I mean if you want to talk about cool stuff or share memes.